Dwayne's website said that they will continue to process k-14 super8 as long as Kodak still produces Kodachrome in 35mm and 16mm formats. I think I will buy some to freeze as I just re-discovered home movies after watching movies that my grandpa shot in the 30's and 40's (earlier ones were black and white regular 8mm)

There is something about having to set up a screen and projector that makes it more of an event than just puting a dvd in and watching it on TV.

I never thought I would say this but, fortunatly I bought a couple regular 8mm movie cameras off ebay. Small format users that still want to use Kodachrome my have to switch to reg 8mm or move up to 16mm.
(yes regular 8mm film is still availabel, just not directly produced by Kodak. I believe that it is re-spooled 16mm film stock put onto smaller 25ft reels.)