I have a darkroom at home and I'm reasonably experienced with making black & white prints. However, I need to do something that I haven't done before: make a large quantity of small prints, possibly 2x3" or 3x5". I can think of several ways of doing it, and I'm not sure which is best.

  1. I could do it the usual way, expose each print once from a single negative in the enlarger, and then process them.
  2. I could use a single negative and expose it multiple times on a larger piece of paper, such as 8x10", using a black paper mask to prevent fogging, and then use a guillotine to cut the paper up later on.
  3. The negative (which has not been taken yet) will probably be on 35mm film. I have a 6x7 enlarger so I could carry more than one 35mm negative at once - or I could duplicate a 35mm negative multiple times onto a 6x7 negative. Then I could expose several frames at once onto one piece of paper.

Are there any other ways of doing this? I'd love to hear advice from people who have done this before.