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Those are very nicely done, Will. It's amazing what that lens can do. The Canon 50mm is worthless at 1.4 or 1.8 - just no sharpness at the point of focus.

I would recommend the Mamiya RZ 180mm for a different look, with more compression and less "looming." Portraiture can be done with practically any lens if you use your imagination.
They are very nice. It's amazing how much narrower the DOF looks on your 1.9 versus my 2.8. I want to get a 1.9 eventually but had it in mind more for very low light than portraiture. For that I want something loner. I now have the 150mm for my 645 but haven't seen results from it yet.

Here's my wife with the 80mm 2.8N wide open. It works ok, but I prefer the perspective of a longer lens from farther out for portraiture. She loves this one but I think it makes her nose look bigger than it really is.

Alicia_TroyAL1a by Roger Cole, on Flickr