I reckon the ultimate roll film camera for portraits is either the Mamiya RZ67 or RB67. Both camera have a rotating back which can be turned to "portrait" orientation without turning the camera. The bellows focussing system means all lenses (ok, not the huge telephotos) focus close enough for a full face portrait. The on-film format is 6x7 which delivers visibly better quality than the 6x4.5 format

The Hasselblad always prompted a twing of resentment. I paid for a 6x6 camera, carried it, shot with it, but ended up with 6x4.5 pictures after cropping to portrait format. And the 150mm lens, one of the finest ever made, would not focus close enough for a face portrait without the nuisance of an extension tube. To finish the rant, in an ideal world Victor Hasselblad should have produced the Hasselblad RZ 67 or RB 67 instead of leaving it for Mamiya to get right!