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Of course you could find a Contax IIa or IIIa with a Sonnar, easier to load focus and shoot for less than a IIIf....
I do not see any advantages to this.

My main objectives are to:
1. Try Leica LTM glass. Mystical or not, I want my own eyes to judge. I do not think Zeiss makes bad glass, but it's Leica LTM that I've always wanted to try. Moreso, than Leica M, even.
2. It isn't smaller (I don't think). I wouldn't even get a IIIg. Leica IIIc + Collapsible Summitar, is considerably smaller without feeling too small (like an XA).

I don't want to get into who makes better glass or cameras but I view the Contax more of an alternative rangefinder to the M not really a compliment....but that is beyond the point of this discussion.

I may not even like a screwmount after a few rolls, but reselling the body would be very easy at minimal loss.