Hello all, my handle here is Phileas_Fogg from the Book by Jules Verne, Around The World In 80 Days.

I am a recovering digital-shooter, Well, err I have nothing against digital photography as it's still photography and in the hands of a good photographer one can get great images. It's just that in recent times I felt an urge or a longing to return back to my film shooting roots.

Probably like many here I adopted digital SLR photography, for me it was by 2004. It was raw and cool for me, EXPENSIVE (gear wise) but really cool. I shoot Canon gear digitally but I'm not a constant digital up grader. IMO it's quite silly. As gear does not go bad like milk does once it spoils.

But like most if not all of you here my photography roots go back to film. As a young teen my first camera was a Kodak 126 Instamatic. Pretty basic stuff but it was cool seeing my film come back from the lab with a fresh batch of prints. By the mid 80's I had progressed to 35mm SLR photography. My first SLR was a Canon AE-1. I really took to learning the science and details of shooting film. As timing and opportunity would have it I was able to get into a professional gig, learning as an assistant and counter guy. But in time I began shooting, mostly studio portraits but later full scale wedding work, a tad of commercial work too.

My gear was all Canon FD based. As a kid my parents were friends with a lady pro photographer. She had a Canon poster on a wall in her work room. It had a big picture of the Canon F-1n. I said, "I'd get one of those cameras one day." Well it did not exactly quite come to me (more on this later) but Canon 35mm FD based gear did. The AE-1 was traded in for an AE-1Program, then I bought a T-70, soon upgraded it for my most favourite 35mm SLR the T-90. Found a used Canon AT too and kept it for its mechanical shutter work. Once I became a studio shooter I bought my first Medium Format a Bronica, ETRS. Great camera, beautiful images and yet still quite small to shoot with.

Time passed, I did not move into the EOS film line, my FD gear and lenses served me well. But getting back to digital I jumped in with both feet by 2004. I figured my film days were passed. I even sold off ALL MY FILM GEAR! Yes, yes I hear you all saying "What an idiot?" What did I know back then? Again I'm not anti-digital I have no impetus to sell off my Canon EOS based DSLR gear. In fact I'll probably in time add some other Canon DSLR bodies that I like a lot.

But about 2 years ago I began to feel an itch to mess around with 35mm film SLR stuff again. Oh I'd look at gear online and see what used stuff was out there. But I shrugged it off. Yet in the back of my mind, I'd remember my film days and kinda desire to wanna shoot some film again. I'd read up on Canon EOS based 35mm SLR's to pass the time. But it all lingered with me. Finally I knew I had to grab hold of the film photography ride again. I went back to my roots, chose Canon FD (manual focus) gear and lenses. I knew I wanted to satisfy my love for their older FD based gear. First to get another T-90, IMO one of the finest 35mm SLR's made. I then filled another piece of gear lust and snapped up a Canon A-1. I had a photographer friend back in the 80's shoot with one and I always liked it too for a traditional 35mm SLR looking camera. The A-1 is a great little camera. Snapped up some FD lenses and will get more and more in my bag including ones I could not have afforded back in the day. But a little itch still remained. That Canon F-1n I saw on the poster as a kid way back when. Well probably 35 years later I now have bought one and can hardly wait for it to come into my possession.

I've worked as a pro for many years but in recent years it's not been as any full time gig, just some part time and referral stuff. I have ideas to bring it back more F/T and run a dual digital/film business. We will see how a business plan for such comes about.

Well, look here my intro is kinda going on and on, sorry, I'm almost done. I recently also got into my hands from my dad finding it at a thrift store a way cool old 35mm range finder. a Yashica, Minister. It looks as if it were new and still has its leather camera case. It works perfectly and I have yet to try a roll in it, no time yet. But I can see were rangefinders (Leicas in my heart are to die for) can serve a photographer well. They are quiet and unobtrusive. Keeping rather nosy people and yes, rent-a-cops to real cops likely away from sticking their noses into your business.

Anyhoo, I'm almost done. But one last thing, I recently found the Analog Photography Podcast with Scott Sheppard. IT'S BEEN A BLAST TO LISTEN TO THE SHOWS! But I've noticed he has not uploaded any shows recently, can anyone tell me why? I hope it's not been shelved. It's has and does a lot to rekindle my film shooting fires.

Well that's me in a nut shell. I hope to stay in touch on this site from time to time.