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Can anyone here 'recommend' a good shop experienced with Nikkor AiS/CRC lenses? I have a 28mm f/2 that's making a scary loose-element-kinda sound when shaken. It might just be wear in the CRC group but I'd like to head this one off at the pass.

OMG Iv'e been having the same exact problem with mine for a while now! I tried taking the back off and tighten everything the best I could but it still does it. Mine can be tight to focus at times, and there's some "slop" "wiggle" to it. When I hold the lens in my hand and move it around it makes a clunking sound like the barrel is loose. There's a shop in Providence RI that I'm thinking about contacting. It's only 1 1/2 hr's from me so I may see if I can bring it down and wait. Spend the day down there instead of mailing it.

Can you tell if it's effecting the sharpness of your images?