Jeff we would do a basic copy shot of a large greycard.. make sure that the original is evenly lit.
process as normal and read the film on a densitometer.
If all is well each film that is in different positions of the rack , or each film within the run if Jobo should read identical.
If not your process is off.. I suspect this has to do with the nitrogen burst thread and it is a really good idea to do this, test to check for even development
If you do not have a densitometer on hand someone in your area could read the film and sharpie the numbers.
We measured 9 spots on each film to see how even the run is.

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I would like to run a test of my 4x5 sheet film development process, specifically looking for evenness from agitation. Here's my plan:

1. Find an evenly lit wall in the sunshine and meter for middle gray. Take a picture.
2. Develop.
3. Examine and look for any anomalies on the light table.

This seems so simple, that I must be missing something. Anyone have a preferred method?