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If the issue doesn't effect the sharpness, then I can live with it for a while. It's still in E+++ shape, and it looks like it's holding it's value, so it would be worth spending the $$ at some point to fix it.
So, that is exactly what my logic was. My lens was a 1.4/50 that had been in continuous service for 30 years. It was in good condition, gave great images... it just was loose and didn't feel as good to foucs as when it was younger. Then one day I miraculously had a spare C-note in my pocket and the repair shop was right in front of me. I'm glad I had it overhauled but have no regrets from waiting. Had there been image issues I would have taken it in for repair a lot earlier!

BTW, the only "value" a lens has for me is its ability to produce images.