I just finished 12 rolls of 120 roll film in 1L of Tetenal kit , 2 reels x 6 runs/reel over 6 nights. I started off with the recommended time of 6:15,6,6 and ended with 7,8,8 minutes for FD, CD and BLX times. Very pleased with the results, except the slides got a little darker towards the end.

6 days of home E-6 processing can be tedious. I am getting a Jobo multitank that holds 6 of 120 rolls to finish a similar batch in 2 runs. I am still planning to use hand held inversions only.

I have a question. Can I save the stabilizer working solution from Tetenal kit and use it towards a Freestyle kit that does not come with the stabilizer? How long will the stabilizer last in the mixed form?