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Mark - you've probably answered this before, but how are you exposing the test strips?
I place a 4x5 Stouffer transmission wedge on a uniformly lit portion of my light-table. After waiting at least 5 minutes for the florescent bulbs to completely warm up, I shoot it with an OM-1 set to 1/60 using a 50mm macro lens at f/3.5 (wide open). I chose 1/60 because (1) my shutterspeed tester says the OM-1 is very consistent at that speed, and (2) it covers exactly one complete cycle of any 60 Hz flicker in the bulbs, so that any such flicker will not affect exposure. To insure consistency, I shoot an entire roll at once, and cut out the strips as needed.

This system works fine, but I think using a reflection step tablet outdoors in sunshine would be better because you could stop down the lens and get maximum sharpness. With my setup, I need to perform sharpness-tests separately.

Mark Overton