I want to build a box camera- I have a (actually two) 165mm process lenses.
The lens covers 4x5 with a reasonable focus distance. It's a little long for "fixed focus" so I will probably make some sort of focus mount. I would like a shutter that has "time" and "instantaneous" like the old brownies and such.
Has anyone out there made this type of shutter? The shutter design in the Holga would work but the rear element of my lens is roughly 1.5"
I dont want to use a Packard. Nothing against Packard I just want to build the shutter myself and I dont want it pneumatic.
Any other suggestions for the overall deign are certainly welcome.
Check out BoxCameras.com if you are intersted in box cameras, also. No affiliation, I just found the site.
Thanks, Surly