Yeah, if it really is Varycon (which seems likely given the claim of needing a red safelight - even though I had no problems with OC - and the fact it lith processes similarly) they may need to find someone else to coat it. That might be possible, given their relationship with Adox, assuming this doesn't impact Adox as well. I notice Freestyle has a ton of Emaks and Varycon paper on their closeouts page now, plus the older Adox Vario Classic, but not the newer MCC 110, thankfully.

I managed to get one pack of 8x10 and one pack of 11x14 of the Silver Artist before this. I have maybe 15-17 sheets or so of the 8x10 left and the 10 sheets of 11x14 is unopened. I was going to try to print on the 11x14 this weekend but now I'll wait. If that's the last of it I'll save that for very special images (and try to find room for it in my freezer.)