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Wow...I still cant believe it. I dove back into the film world, buying a Fujifilm GA645 today. Not an entirely smooth path so far as I found a (hopefully small) problem with the camera after I got home (see thread in equipment forum).

Still, I hope it is a minor problem and I can shoot lots of film now. I bought 5 rolls to test out the camera, 1 Kodak Porta, 2 Ilford HP5's and two Fujifilm Reala. I've shot 3 rolls and only have 2 left. Tomorrow I get one roll back and if it looks good, I am going to load up on a LOT of film.

I just hope the problem with the camera (mode selecting dial seems flaky, strange results sometimes when flipping through the apertures, almost random, not sequential) is not serious. That will be a big rain on my parade!

I know your joy.

Have fun.