hi mark

look into novatron monoblocks.
i have had my 300ws blocks since about 1996
and they have never given me problems.
they have 800ws as well asa other things.
much easier to deal light by light instead of
battery pack +strobes, where you might need to bleed off
light to lower the output. if you contact novatron ( they are in tx )
they will let you know when a used/refurb comes in and sell it to you for
around half-price ( i think? ... its been a while ) ...

if you are a continuous lightkind of guy, you might look into lowel hot lights
i have some totas and omnis ( with cc filter on the omnis ) i have had for years
and besides being a heat source, they are great all around lights. lowel L-Light kits sometimes
come up on e-blink for not too much $$ i have a few location kits of Llights, they run off of
regular old flood lights .. have a reflector and barn doors, and a lowel clamp.
they are great too.

if you are interested in the totas and omnis, i have been wanting to sell them for a few years.
they include more than a handful of replacement bulbs. and other goodies.