leica might seem like a fashion accessory until you use one for an extended period. before i shot with a leica i also shot with a bunch of different nikon dslr's, a few other kinds of rangefinders, etc. but ever since i got my leica m3 it's been difficult to switch back. it's not new camera syndrome - the benefits when using the leica m3 are very clear and apparent - it's very silent to shoot, heavy in the hands so quite stable even at slow shutter speeds, etc.

the other night i went out with my epson r-d1 (digital rangefinder) and while i love that camera it gave me a rude awakening when i started taking some shots of a very quiet street with a couple people walking in and out of the frame - the shutter is bloody noisy and the people around me heard it tripping. the leica is a whisper, nobody ever notices the shutter sound.