Thank you all. This was an especially good event. It was exciting to see so many processes from old and new friends. Charlie set up his wet plate camera and gear at the He and Daniel made great pictures there and beautiful pictures of Silke in our back yard. A plate was given to Jim Fry to help gain our future visits. Dale did a wonderful Lith printing demonstration explaining to each person the multiple variations possible and kindly keeping the stinky chemicals outside in Charlie’s weplate darkroom, avoiding damaging our well. Robert B., Silke and Beth brought samples of their Lith work, further expanding our knowledge and understanding, or at least showing us the start of all the paths that can be taken. Beth showed us the results of her Mordencage work after taking Elizabeth Opalenik's workshop at the f295 symposium a few weeks ago. See Beth’s gallery at
Peter brought samples of some of the trips he and I have been taking to the Cleveland Flats. Adam showed us his first work in 4x5 transparences. It is really exciting to see a person new to a format achieve happy results and gaining confidence. Sunday Shawn and Lynn made up for his long absence with a great show of matted Azo contact prints ranging from small 6x7CM to 8x10. Beautiful and creative work. We had a ball.

It was also fun to meet at the Ledges at about 7AM. I was surprised to see so many, so early. Shawn and Lynn walked over from Happy Days parking and were surprised to see me lounging on the wooden double chair with the Girls in front of the stone steps at the NE corner. Lee L and Mat came in from the south. As we approached Ice Box Cave Jeff, Eva, Daniel and Silke appeared. It was down right crowded for 7 AM on a Sunday morning.

We met the sleep-ins at breakfast. Everyone seemed happy. I think that was the plan. I hope we can do it again, probably late September. If anyone wants to come back sooner they are certainly welcome. The Detroit gang mentioned possibly coming back soon to shoot at the farm. If you want to plan something in August let me know. Maybe others would like to join us. Anyone coming from out of town is welcome to camp here. There will be no porta potty, but when we are awake the house will be open. There is a small park just west of us with facilities open after we are asleep. You can also share the woods with the coyote and poison ivy. Dolly’s brother saw a very healthy looking coyote in the tent field Monday. Look out Girls. I don’t want you to be lunch.

John P.