I go back to school in 3 weeks and want to unload some of the many things I still have that I do not utilize enough.

first up is a Mamiya Universal Press in really nice shape, the body has ver minimal scuffs or marks, and the leatherette is only pealing slightly around a few corners. Its functions 100% like it should. Comes with a 100mm 3.5 Mamiya-Sekor. The lens works great, I have never had it checked for accurate shutter speeds, but from field use, It seems to me that the timing is still spot on. It also comes with a 6x9 120 back with dark slide. I havent ever used 120 with this camera but the back seems to be in good shape, and advances fine and the seal appears to be light tight still. It also comes with a polaroid back. I have put a lot of packs of film through this, with no problems what-so-ever. The rollers are clean and spread the developer evenly. The only thing missing here is a dark slide. But wait, theres even more. It comes with a G-adapter back, for use with 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 sheet film, and you get two of those with it as well. I never used it, but they seem to be brand new and never used. It also comes with another G-adapter back with ground glass on it, with a viewing hood. This has Polaroid 600SE mounting feet on it, but if you pick up a pair of MUP mounting feet off ebay you could easily use it, or just use the other G-adapter back, since you have two.

Im also including with this a Polaroid cb70 back and a mounting plate to attach it to for use with the camera. This will allow you to use polaroid integral film such as 600 or sx70 and any of the new Impossible films. This plate has no feet, but you can borrow some from any of the other backs if you intent to use this more then another. I havent modified anything on this, but have put an empty cartridge in and check to see if it worked by making the short and it works perfectly fine!

Im also including my last box of Polaroid 600 film with this. comes sealed with 20 shots still inside. Got it from a insurance office that switched to digital and kept them in a climate controlled room until I received them, and at that time they went straight into my refrigerator. It expired in 08/07 but the other 40 packs i used from this batch came out fine.

Im asking $650 + shipping for the whole lot. US only please.


The next item for sale is a polaroid 550 4x5 pack film back. I bought this only about a year ago and never used it as much as I should have. I bought it for proofing my shots before I used a piece of film, but found using my digital was as a good method, and so it hasen't seen much use. It works perfectly. Theres some cosmedic damage to it, where the grove is to let you know the holder is in place correctly (not sure what its techniqully called). It also comes with the last of my film, a box of fuji FP-100C45 (Exp 02-06) and Polaroid PolaPan 572 (Exp 06-99). Theres also one shot left in the holder, oh joy!

Im asking $150 + Shipping for the whole lot. Again, US only please. Maybe CA for this one.


The last thing I have is a pack of Polaroid 500 film. This probably isnt any good, but its anyones for the taking. say $5 + S&H?