Hi All,

Firstly, this is a really amazing forum. It has helped me no end in my photographic journey.

Now i've come to a problem that is really bugging me.

Unfortunately I have no example of what I am describing and I am scannerless!

I have two film cameras I both love and enjoy, the 1st being a Rolleiflex T and the 2nd being a Olympus OM-2.

I've been printing 120 from the Rollei for a while now and get good results (so I thought). Then I got the OM-2 and the amount of contrast and punch I am getting from this camera is outstanding, and makes all my Rollei prints look like variations on mid-tone grey.. bland!

I have been using FP4 for the OM-2 and Delta 400 Pro and FP4 for the Rollei, all developed in Ilfosol 3, inverted agitation in paterson tank.

The delta negs have come out with barely any contrast and have produced very disappointing prints, the FP4 rollei prints are an improvement, but still don't match the punch of the Olympus... i.e. much less highlight/shadow seperation.

Should this be expected, could it be my metering is wrong for the Rollei?

Any help will be gratefully received.