Mitch Dobrowner was published in a recent issue, but I've always wondered, with the majority of work being journalistic and documentary, is this actually the specific focus of the magazine or simply in keeping with the zeitgeist? I feel like BJoP gives a very one-sided and partisan view of the photography world. Landscape work in particular (and I don't just mean romantic) is a no-go area - with the recent exception of Dobrowner of course. What I find strange - this being a very commercial publication - is that the concerns of the mag seem almost niche. Are that many people interested in documentary photography?

I'm interested to find out how the BJoP has changed over the years and if anyone has noticed this recent heavy emphasis on photojournalism/documentary. If anyone could give names of fine art photographers that have been published in the past to give some idea. Other than Lenswork, there are very few options for getting my fix - certainly of black and white traditional photography. Yet I can think of many notable contemporary black and white photographers worthy of being published.