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Thank you all for your advice.

Actually, Leica LTM's bodies are bit smaller, but now i'm having some doubts. I'm mostly interested in shaving of the thickness/depth, but the difference isn't that much:


I'm still interested in the lenses, however.
If you want something to use regularly, and want it to complement the M system you seem to already have, you should go no farther than the Leica CL -- I have one purchased in 1974 and it is my constant travel camera -- I've used my Leicaflex SL2 for travel as well, and it is a joy, but for quick street shooting action the CL is hard to beat -- the meter is a spot meter, quick and easy to use, the lenses are small and wonderful, and in addition to the 40 it came with it can use a wide range of Leica, Canon and modern Voigtlander lenses -- the Voigtlander lenses including the 15 and 25 super-wides will work on it nicely and make an extremely flat and compact unit.

The only usage considerations are lenses that poke back too far into the camera and interfer with the meter cell which is on a little flag that pokes in front of the film plane -- the earlier 21mm super angulons and collapsible lenses that work fine except you can't collapse them.

Worth serious consideration, they go for around $400 and are a lot newer than any LTM you come across.