Discouraging results:
I can't get a concentrate containing Dimezone-S to stay in solution. Either immediately or in a few days, cloudiness begins appearing, and the concentrate eventually separates. Concentrates using Phenidone have not had this problem. In fact, after mixing a Dimezone-based concentrate which immediately clouded, I mixed the same formula using Phenidone with no problems (so far). I believe this clouding is the crystallization that PE described a couple of weeks ago here and here. There is something about Dimezone-S that encourages crystallization of a PG-based concentrate. Even substituting some metaborate with TEA didn't help.

Dimezone-S is preferable to Phenidone because my tests show that, at normal pH-levels, it has lower fog and slightly finer grain. To get Phenidone to match Dimezone-S's grain and fog-level, pH must be dropped to 8.0 or lower. The developer D-316 that Alan Johnson is testing uses this low-pH approach.

Also, I doubt my cream-and-squeeze-tube idea will work because the separation is ongoing, gauging by watching the bottle over a couple of weeks. So we'd need to stir the cream and PG before using, like natural peanut-butter. That means we cannot allow this crystallization to occur. Any ideas how?

If all else fails, it's back to Phenidone and a pH of 7.9 or 8.0.

Mark Overton