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Some years ago one of the photography magazines tested enlarging lenses. They tested the EL-Nikkor 50mm f/2.8 (a plasmat) and a whole slew of f/3.5, f/4 (but not the Nikkor), and f/4.5 lenses (Tessars) including Schneider, Rodenstock, and Leitz. At f/5.6 the Nikkor resolved 80 and 65 (center and edge) line pairs/mm whereas the best of the others at f/5.6 was 50 and 40 (the Leitz - most were 45 and 35 or 40.) Test the two f/2.8s against each other and keep the best one if there is a difference. You will have the best 50mm you can get and then you can forget about the lens and work on the other big problems - the parallel alignment between the neg carrier, lens board, and easel and the flatness of your neg. An easy way to get a flat neg is to take a glass (preferably the anti-Newton one) out of a Gepe slide mount and glue it to the top half of your neg holder.

Hey outwest
I am going to do some testing today and see if there is any difference that I can see.
I have a 6x9 glass negative carrier and I have masked the top glass. I am going to test that also with one that is glassless.
I'll post what I find with my eyes looking at each print.