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Hey Jim
Could you actually see the difference on the print or was it from the focusing aid? I have 3 focusing aids and I will check this also today.
I also have a couple of Rodenstock 50mm's and I want to check them also. I am not sure if my old eyes will be able to tell a big difference though.
All I am doing is making sure I have the best image I can get and box up the ones I don't want to use.
This will be a fun test to do just for my knowledge and information.
I have never done a lens test and it will be interesting to find out some questions that are in my mind.

I have questioned in my mind also how accurate the focusing aids are. Of the three I have, they seem to focus a bit different from one to the other. From the distance from the mirror to the view finder is what bothers me on this.
When they are made, I often wonder how accurate they are in relation to what is actually printed. The distance between the mirror and the base is what will make the difference. I am not sure I can relate what I am thinking but between the three, there is a small difference in adjusting for sharpness. Maybe I don't have a good enough focusing aid???

I am not very critical on what I print but I would like to know if there needs to be an improvement in the quality.

I have a hard time explaining what I am thinking but I hope you understand what I am looking for.

I have downsized from 4x5 and med. format to 35mm and with that small of negative, I need to know if everthing is in order as far a image quality goes.


I have used the 'opposing mirrors' method (search APUG, it's here) to align my Beseler 23CII. Having never used any fancy alignment tools I can't speak to the job they do but if you factor in the cost the homemade mirror tester is wonderful and should be tried first. I bought a 12" x 12" mirror tile from the local hardware bigbox and I had a glass cutter already. The glass in the tile was cheap so the reflected images had a green cast (iron in the glass I think) but it worked well and helped. A lot. I also bought a glass negative carrier (no $regrets, and 'four surface dust' has not been an issue), but the trick of using the glass out of a slide mount is something I wish I had thought of. I have a box of Agfa mounts somewhere...

Good luck, the results are worth the effort.