Wow thanks for all the great information so fast!

@ Marc B. those sites look promising and if I had an extra 4500 I'm sure the wife wouldn't let me spend it on a lens.

@ CJ thanks for the recommendations. Also I have to admit I do have one of those white canon lenses (70-200) but not a fan of the spray for a single good frame.

I don't need the latest greatest most expensive piece of glass. I prefer the old stuff it may not be the sharpest but I love the charteter it imparts in the image. Also I just got a call from my brother who found a Agfa copy camera on the east coast at a swap meet for $60. All he could tell me about the lens was that it said Repromaster 1:9/150mm f9-f44 and made in W.Germany it also has a 210mm not on a board with no markings on it. The bellows looks "ok". Any thoughts on these lenses? I couldn't find much info on them. Now to get it all out to the Rockies.