MCrooks, don't let found money corrupt you. Lenses that won't cover your intended format are at best a distraction.

Sometime in the '60s Agfa bought Dr. Staeble Werk, a lens maker in Munich. Staeble, as part of the Agfa empire, made all of the lenses for Agfa repro cameras. They were sold to other makers of repro cameras, can be found badged Helioprint, Staeble, Repromaster, Eskofot. They are sort of known quantities but there's no strong consensus about how good they are. Some users say they're superb, one whom I respect (not me in disguise) said "nothing to write home about." The consensus, not 100%, is that they cover around 70 degrees. I once got a pair, 150 and 210, in case my 150 and 210 Konica Hexanon GR IIs weren't any good. The GR IIs were good enough and my Staeble lenses' diaphragms had very stiff click stops, end of that discussion.

Under any of their names Staeble repro camera lenses are hard (= expensive) to put in shutters. About the only repro camera lenses one can be reasonably sure will go directly into a standard shutter without a visit to the machine shop are G-Clarons and most shorter Apo-Ronars. Some examples of some of the others, e.g., Apo-Artars, also go into standard shutters.

Lenses whose cells won't go into a standard shutter are snares for the unwary. I discuss several ways to make them usable here: In general the economics are unfavorable.