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Mr. Bill, thank you so much for confirming my theory.

I'm embarrassed to say 6 or 8 is on the low side... I have spent over 30 minutes on a single roll of 220 sometimes. I can do it just fine with a test roll in the light, but in the bag I find the film pops out of the grooves quite easily and I have to start over a lot. To check, I have started doing it with my eyes closed in the light, and when I feel it going wrong, looking down I see how the same problem happens in the bag. I just need to get better at protecting the film until it gets a full rotation through the reel and it settles down in the grooves. Thanks for the help!
I found plastic reels and tanks loaded 120 more easily than their metal counterparts. Once you slide the tongue over the ball bearings, it's a piece of cake (for me, at least). Of course, you pay with the inconvenience of having to wash and dry the tanks/reels very carefully, and you also use more chemicals than you would with steel.

But it might be worth considering, because a half-hour struggle doesn't sound like fun.