I agree that modern culture is socially concerned and perhaps this isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I see art and photography as occupying a position of delving beneath these surfaces. Reality TV, social networking and realism dominate pop culture absolutely, but I'm not sure photography has been completely blinkered by this... yet. We're also living in a time when anyone with a phone is a documentary photographer and many say this will inevitably force 'serious' photography to move away from verisimilitude. In that respect, BJP doesn't seem to be on the cutting edge of contemporary work, but following the 'everyone with a camera and friends is a photographer' zeitgeist.

It's the fact that photography is so varied, now more than ever perhaps, that BJP's narrow focus on 'people photography' (put simply) gives the readership a limited idea of what's going on. I remember picking up my first copy very early on and thinking "is this actually a photography magazine?". At a time when I wanted to see everything photography had to offer, I was very disappointed that the only widely available publication showed such a lack of diversity.