I really didn't know where to put this, however I thought someone here might be interested. Here is a set of Leitz binoculars...the Trinovid 7x35B model. They come with the Leitz leather case and straps. There are some things I should tell you: (1) you'll see there is a nick on the right lower front trim ring. (2) there are cleaning marks and a scratch on the rear (eyepiece) elements. (3) these cleaning marks and the scratch make no difference. That is to say you can not see them while looking through the binoculars and they do not degrade the image. The last time I checked, you could buy new rear elements from Leitz, but as I've already said, the marks on these really make no difference and so I have not seen a reason to replace them. If you want to restore these to pristine condition, that might be a good idea...all depends on your particular point of view. I've owned these for a while, have used them and allowed other people to use them. I've never heard anything but compliments. I was told by a man at Leica this particular model is in very high demand with nature folks and particularly birdwatchers. I've used them at sporting events and on walks in the country. When I worked in a highrise office, I kept them in my desk drawer and watched the progress of construction projects and traffic problems in great detail. This is a very expensive set of binoculars, by the way. From time to time I check on eBay and currently there are 3 listed. The seller of the $199 starting bid set has already asked Leitz about repair of the problems his set has, by the way. Mine focus fine and smoothly and have no sloppiness at all...in fact they feel about like new.

You can have these for $150 plus the cost of insured and trackable shipping. I'd prefer not to be paid via PayPal however. If you want to know why, just ask.

If you have any questions, please send them to: jon_goodman@yahoo.com