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Do you know what coatings, single or multi, the lenses have? That can affect flare/contrast. Also, you mentioned cleaning marks. If an improper cleaner was used on the lens in the past, some of the coatings could have been damaged or removed, affecting flare/contrast. If you are sure the lenses are fine then I would say it is an exposure problem.
The Tessar has only six glass/air surfaces and multicoating doesn't improve contrast that much on this type of lens. Damaged coating on the front element isn't a big deal. Uncoated pre-war Tessars perform very well.

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Checking readings between my OM-2 and iPhone, a setting was recorded at 1/13th on the om and 1/60th on the iPhone... this could definitely be my problem.
That's very likely. With a fine camera like a Rolleiflex you should invest in a real light meter. Take another test roll with the Rollei and use the OM-2 to meter the light. Don't forget to set it to the correct ISO!