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Why not just buy a real camera, instead of all that rigamarole? You still won't know where it's focussed.
Well no, you do know where it is focused. It has a focusing helicoid to start with, that should be a clue. On one of the accessory shoes you have a rangefinder. And using a focusing screen on the film plane and by measuring off known distances and marking the helicoid you make an uncoupled rangefinder camera, similar to those made by Zeiss and Agfa for instance. And in my case for less than 250 including a 90mm Angulon to cover 6x12 you have a very light weight landscape camera that can deliver every bit as good a picture as an expensive and heavy 'real' camera Doing it with 35mm is more a trade off with overall image quality, but it is a sad day when people are discouraged from 'having a go' and seeing what they can do for themselves