I was browsing a copy of the BJP recently, have to say I found much of it a bit "pretentious", to call it "documentary" or "photojournalism", is I think, stretching the boundaries of definition. But then my idea of photojournalism is something along the lines of Cartier-Bresson. Maybe this is outmoded, but then, should photojournalism be subject to "changes of fashion"?.......to me, the very name "photojournalism" should mean straightforward honest observation, without manipulation.
It's sometimes necessary to reflect that Cartier-Bresson demanded his negatives were printed "straight", without cropping. He did not do his own printing, insisting that it was purely a "mechanical process", that the vision of the photographer was already captured in the negative.

I seldom read photo mags these days, so many of them have a "Canon v Nikon shootout" approach
for those intersted in pixels rather than pictures. If there was one mag. dedicated to showing the best in photography, whether it be fine art, photojournalism, landscape...or all of these, I'd probably read it on a regular basis. I've not found one yet.