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Welcome to APUG.

Would you please post photographs of the camera?
Firstly, I wish to apologize for not sending photos of the camera first. I took some pictures today and will attach them.
Secondly, I just found an answer to my question which was "How does one open the camera?" There is a gentleman on Ebay selling one-or he was-and I asked him if he knew how to open his. He did not at first but said he would notify me if he found out. He just responded with the following instructions:“You loosen that screw, then hold it facing down and the bottom towards you. Use your thumbs to push down and toward you while pushing forward with your other fingers. That did the trick for me. Found a roll of film inside!- sloenich1”

Yes, I have also read that it has Leica lenses on some models but mine has a Xenar. It is a small,solid camera feeling camera and i like the round sides.
Thank you all for your time. I hope the pictures of this camera help. I'll put up photographs taken with it if the camera works