The Kodak plant formulas were accessed by the Germans during WWII and made available to all Axis countries including Japan. Thus Konica and Fuji both used Agfa and "captured" formulas. At the end of WWII, the BIOS and FIAT reports reversed that "exchange" and made all Axis formulas available to the Allied countries.

Adox formulas in 1945 were no more nor less "good" than the German formulas, nor were they better than Kodak formulas. The basic advantage of the Agfa formulas was the use of Gold + Sulfur. Adox did not use that in 1945. Kodak was on the verge of discovery at the time the Agfa use was revealed.

Agfa used many chemicals which they refused to disclose and thus they are essentially lost now.

I have made several Agfa formulas in my own darkroom. It can be done. I encourage others to try.