These lenses seem to be scarce so samples are hard to find. I've heard nothing but good things about the 100mm and I've heard that the 40mm is either really good or really over-rated. I'm not concerned about brutal sharpness; however, I care about good bokeh. I find that most big lens manufacturers make sharp-enough normal and telephotos, but bokeh seems to be all over the place.

Anyone experience either of these lenses?

I wouldn't spend any serious money on the 40mm but I've seen them BIN for not-that-much on ebay. I guess a lot of people pass these things off as a run of the mill type of lenses. I'm attracted to this lens because of the FOV and speed--not the size.

For a telephoto, I'm debating between the 100mm f2 and the 100mm f2.8. I prefer 100mm over 85mm. I thought to get the 100mm but then my local photography store has 100mm f2 at a very good price. I know that the 100mm f2 is a more sophisticated design, but in practice, are the results noticeabley better? Ok that is very subjective but any comments on the bokeh qualities? That is what I care mostly about.