Hey all,

Name here's Simon. I think, being 17, that I'm of the last generation that really grew up using film. I learned on a crappy Konica that was nearly broken, until my parents got me a Polaroid 600. After that, they bought me a digital camera. Polaroid film added up when your six year old kept taking pictures of his feet.

Later, I discovered that whole Lomography thing. I bought a ton of crap cams. After becoming disenfranchised with that (read: realized that the whole "philosophy" of not paying attention to your framing was wasting a ton of film and money while not producing anything Ansel Adams-esque), I started using my uncle's old AE-1 Program. Although I still keep my Gakkenflex TLR by my side. It's my favorite camera.

I just finished a 6 week photo course at RISD. The teacher, apparently, learned from Harry Callahan (whom I had never heard of, but, hey, he has a Wikipedia page).

Now I'm looking to do my AP Studio Art portfolio in traditional b/w/. My school is heavily into the sciences, so I think I might be able to bum the chemicals necessary to make paRodinal and fixer off of the chem teacher. Hell, we, for some reason, have sodium thiosulfate.

Anybody have good fixer recipes?

My portfolio (under reconstruction, after switching to a new host) is at http://simonorrstudio.com