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CLM 1K. My first tests with home-brew developer and bleach. Agefix 1+5 as fix and then RA-4 blix. There was a bit of visible silver in the campfire picture in the flame before blix.

Scanning is a bit problematic as always, because that super-glossy feeling is missing. I ended up to make raw scans first and then do exactly the same level corrections to every scan, so you really can compare the relative densities. The first one is without hypo in developer. Scanning exaggerates the difference somewhat.

Step wedge steps are 0.15 (half stop).
HRST 2 years ago I was thinking this was not a good thing you do,As process control could be lacking.I also feared such home brews could bring on the death of ilfochrome faster. Upon reflection now ilfochrome has died I think your work is to be commended.