If you enjoy using the camera, by all means use it often. All mechanical cameras benefit from some regular use. I remember getting my first F2 back in 1973, just a couple of years after they came out. I'd been using a Nikon Ft, and came across a heavily used F2 from a press photographer, who wanted to upgrade to an F2s. I couldn't believe how brassed up this camera was, but the price was right! I liked my Nikon F, but appreciated F2's hinged back, and the repositioned shutter release. I took a lot of great pictures with it and my 50mm f2 lens, and eventually got 35 f2 and a 105 f2.5, and oh yeah, the infamous 43-86mm. I still have 3 F2's which I love to use. I have F's, F3's, FM's an F4 and some various Nikkormats, and like using them all, but the F2 will always be my favorite. It's an incredibly well built, strong camera that's easy to use. Only downside is that the meters are starting to fail on some of the older cameras, and parts for them are hard to come by. Remember these cameras were strapped to Evil Knievel's motorcycle, and survived his crash over the Snake River Canyon! Tough little buggers. So take it for a spin once and while and have some fun using one of the best mechanical cameras ever made.