The T/T2/A/A2/A1000/T3/A3/T3N bodies do not need a Wein Cell. A set of 675 Zinc-Air hearing aid batteries will work with any of these cameras. The later TC and T4 models take two PX-13s. If Greg Weber adapts the camera for 1.5 volts then you can use two 625A batteries. Otherwise you can use two Wein Cells or get two MR-9 adapters and use MS-76 or 386 batteries. Each MR-9 adapter now costs more than $30 but the MS-76 or 386 batteries last a lot longer than the regular or Wein Cell Zinc-Air batteries. The T and A series cameras do have a longer shutter button travel and require more pressure. This is normal for those models. The T3/A3/T3N cameras require more effort to advance the film but have much shorter and lighter shutter button travel. The only downside is that when this change was made, some Konica mount lenses (not made by Konica) will not work properly. The spring for the aperture machanism may be too stiff and when the film is advanced and the advance lever comes part of the way back to its resting position, the shutter will fire again. A properly serviced T2 will work with any Kionica mount lens (with the possible exception of some Tamron Adaptall and Adaptall II lenses) and will work well for a long time.