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The Nikon F2 was without doubt the absolute best camera that Nikon ever made. A slightly refined version of the fabulous F, I would venture to say it is the very best 35mm camera ever made, but it would have to compete with the Leica M4. Maybe the best 35mm SLR then. My two Nikon F2s have been dragged through jungles, frozen in the Andes the Sierras and the Rockies, and blasted by the scorching heat in Death Valley and The Painted Desert. Never (ever) did they give me any grief when I needed to make a photograph. They served me well every day of my professional career for over twenty five years, and I still use them to this day.
A reasonably clean F2 with one of the metered prisms is on my "to get" list; the right one at the right time just hasn't presented itself.
Based on doing internal work on both, I put the F in the Leica class as to manufacture and materials.