Hi, guys, after more than hundred rolls of experimentation and tuning, I thought I will report back the findings, so that if there's anyone else working with the Fujihunt chemicals, he/she can learnt from my failures:

1. yes, definitely use the starters. I find the amount of First Developer starter adds a yellowish hue to the slides. Too much, and the hue begin to appear even in the transparent area (Dmin).

2. besides the starters for both First Developer and Color Developer, it's important to dilute down the reversal bath. Optimal dilution is 60-80% of the recommended concentration.

3. dilute down color developer by 10-15%.

With these changes, the processed slides have very beautiful and neutral tones. However, they are still not within the control-limits of the Kodak E6 Control Strips. I've getting very good support from Fujihunt Europe. With one-shot processors like the Phototherm, there's a lot of trial and error to get things spot on. The good thing is that Phototherm is incredibly consistent, as verified by measuring control strips from different runs of the same parameters.

I can definitely use some help with interpreting the densitometer results. If anyone of you have experience with it - please let me know! I'm more than happy to post the results online!