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That's exactly the system I'm currently using. You can get the loopy ends through the Rollei strap lugs (just barely). What gave me the thought to change the strap was that I had to take it off to bring it to the repair shop, and realized what a pain in the ass it was to remove the loops from the Rollei lugs.
Yeah I noticed too that once on they are attached they are hard if not impossible to finagle back off! I sent one of my Rolleiflexes with the short straps intact to Harry for a tweak on a recent repair he did for me. I do not think it gets in the way for the most part, and if it does the repair guy could just unscrew the side strap mounts in seconds I'd imagine. I have a basic cheap leather strap that someone riveted some original Rollei scissor-clips on. Works fine but it's cheap leather and not very comfortable. But easily on and off! Think I paid $30-40 or something for that from another user on APUG.

I have the Luigi case and strap for my Leica CL that came with when I bought it (used of course), and a Luigi half case for my MP too. Luigi threw in a hand loop strap when I got that. All three are wonderfully supple and a dream to touch and hold. Stitching a work of art! Sure are expensive but so are BMWs, Porsches, Prada bags, Rolex watches, etc....