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I received several questions where the MSA button is located after uploading an image.
Time for some explanation:

Choose your picture and you see a button right at the top "image tools". > choose "edit image"
Choose "Please choose a default category for your image(s)": the button "SELECT CATECHORIE" with an arrow on it. >
Choose "Member organized functions" Monthly shooting assignment >.
Save this with the "save" button down on the page. Ready.

This is also useful when you have made a mistake in you text (I allways do...)
Good luck!

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This works, but there are other ways to get there that I prefer.

For some reason, the uploading function works differently for the MSA gallery then it does for the other galleries. In particular, it doesn't give you the opportunity to include the extra detail (film, developer, equipment, etc.). So what I do is I upload the image to the Standard Gallery, including all that information.

Then I use the "Edit" function to move the image from the Standard Gallery to the MSA gallery.