Well, old Jon can help you do that for certain. Back in the early to mid 1960s it was rumored that smoking the dried strings from the inner peels of bananas would get you high. One of the two jobs I had at that time was soda jerk, and so I got to peel lots of bananas for banana splits. Following the directions I had heard on a late night radio show, I dried the strings and rolled them into a cigarette and one night after work prepared to go tripping. Did it work? Well if you can get high by vomiting, I suppose the banana idea might be great. The cigarette smelled and tasted just about like burning garbage...and there was no narcotic effect at all from it. It reminded me of a cigarette marketed a little later under the name of Bravo. Those were made from dried cabbage or lettuce.

On the other hand if you want to smoke something more traditional, then this might be just what you need. I haven't smoked in a long long time, but I know others still do and cigarettes are expensive today. If you want a gizmo that will let you make your own (and you probably can still purchase filters), this is a real gem. You open it, put in your cigarette paper, add tobacco and make sure it is evenly distributed, lick the gummed strip on the paper and close the cover. Out comes your perfectly rolled cigarette. The Polo device was one of the best you could get. This one is in very good condition with 2 or 3 paint chips and some minor rust spots on the inner chrome edge. Nothing that will hamper your cigarette creating pleasure, though.

$10 plus actual cost of mailing, and I'll send this anywhere. PayPal ok for international, check/cash/money order inside the USA please.