Hey folks!

I'm looking at the Nikon mount version of the Samyang 14mm f/2.8 as an affordable fisheye option, mostly for shooting skateboarding. I've learned that it mounts successfully (with stop-down metering) on the Nikon F and FE, which are my two 35mm film SLRs.

What I'm curious about: what is this lens like on film? Is there any noticeable vignetting around the negative image? I shoot and print full frame, and do not intend to crop, so this is an important factor for me. Does it provide a full and accurate field of view on film (e.g. is 14mm actually 14mm on my Nikon F or FE)?

Any samples of this lens on a film SLR are greatly appreciated. Endless thanks to you all, and looking forward to reading your responses.

P.S. Recommendations for other Nikon mount fisheyes are also appreciated! Thanks again, APUG.