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Your precipitate may be glycol-borate complex ,we will never know.I don't think esters are formed at the mixing temperatures you use:
For other PC developer PC-TEA when selecting development times for different films I have used a simple multiplier of Xtol time,is there any reason not to use this with one of the concentrates?
Alan, thanks for the above link. Interesting! His symptoms are identical to mine, even though he's using a different glycol and borate. This gives me more motivation to replace the borate with TEA. BTW, that's what PE told me to do months ago. But I stayed with metaborate because it boosts the solubility of ascorbic acid in propylene glycol. Maybe I shouldn't have...

The single multiplier will probably get you close, but I suspect that films will respond differently to the lower pH, resulting in a different multiplier for each film.

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Exciting stuff! And just what i need. Wonder how it works on delta 3200?
Mark, once you get a formula with 99% tea, i think i will jump aboard and start doing some testing of my own. I just dumped over 3 liters of dead xtol.
I have the same motivation as you: I hate to discard aging XTOL. The 99% TEA arrives today, so I'll soon be trying it.

Mark Overton