Ah Corona, la cerveza mas fina. Have you ever tried Modelo Especial or Carta Blanca? Corona beer is a sad story for me. In the 1960s (when Corona was totally unknown in the USA) a friend and I had gotten in the habit of drinking it. We were buying it (in Mexico) for 60 cents a six pack. One day we were having lunch and I said "you know this beer we've been drinking all summer is very good and I think it would sell in America. Maybe we should see about getting the rights to import it." He agreed and then we did nothing at all. Well, that's not entirely true. At the end of the day we did meet some girls and go over to the Caverns of Music (Juarez) and drink salty dogs and eat dried shrimp until about midnight, but we never went forward with the Corona idea. And we never saw those girls again, either. Que lamentable es!