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The T/T2/A/A2/A1000/T3/A3/T3N bodies do not need a Wein Cell. A set of 675 Zinc-Air hearing aid batteries will work with any of these cameras. The later TC and T4 models take two PX-13s. If Greg Weber adapts the camera for 1.5 volts then you can use two 625A batteries. Otherwise you can use two Wein Cells or get two MR-9 adapters and use MS-76 or 386 batteries. Each MR-9 adapter now costs more than $30 but the MS-76 or 386 batteries last a lot longer than the regular or Wein Cell Zinc-Air batteries.
My mistake. I did use the Weincell chart for some bodies like Pentax Spotmatic f, without a problem. So I assumed it was the same with Konicas.