I just came into ownership of the L-900, Colidap unit and the CLS450 head. I have all the modular diffusers for 6x6, 35mm, and 6x9. I also have the two wonderful Rodenstock lenses and the power supply/stabilizer.

After cleaning the unit up and removing the mouse nest from the lamphouse....I proceeded to reattach the column and head to the baseboard. Upon lifting the lamphouse/dichro head up to place it back on the main portion of the enlarger, I heard loose glass inside the unit. The dichro filters dont all move, but are visible inside the head at the top. The glass that has fallen out seems to be clear, but isn't the glass at the bottom of the lamphouse (the white diffusion piece). It's also not the part farther into the lamphouse near the dichro filters.

What is this glass? Does anyone know how to take this apart to even diagnose the issue? I haven't hooked this to the wall yet, but would LOVE to get it working. It's much more enlarger than I've ever owned and It's truly built like a tank.

I have two Beseler 45MXT's that are all cleaned up and ready to go, but this one really intrigues me.

Help Please!


Charles R. Lawson, CPP, AFP
PPA Certified Professional Photographer
The Highlander Studios