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Yes, and in Thailand, those not clued up with the real deal of cameras would happily think the various cameras and lenses were good quality fakes.
Getting the kitty past the inquisitive eyes and noses of Customs here in Australia would be the first hurdle.
There are plenty of used camera dealers in Thailand who would know exactly what the stuff was and be more than happy to buy it. And I would imagine it would not be as hard as you think to take it OUT of the country - if/when asked, tell the customs inspector that you're a pro photographer going overseas on assignment. Or skip the hassle entirely and pop it in FedEx/DHL/TNT off to a buddy in Bangkok/Saigon/Singapore/Hong Kong/Beijing. Done quickly enough, the serial numbers wouldn't have time to make it into any international stolen property database, if the dealer would even have access to such a thing.